Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today's Impossible Wish: I wish I were a cat, so I could lie in this giant patch of sun by my (what shall I call it? It's not really a cubicle) workspace and soak up the warmth.

Today's Possible but Not Likely Wish: Since I can't be a cat, I wish I had a cat so he could lie in a giant patch of sun and then I could snuggle with him and soak up the warmth.

Today's Mental Pep-talk: Just an hour and a half left and I can take a nap.


Christian & Jennifer said...

Aaaah . . . the joys of cat-hood. I hope you had a gloriously sun-filled nap on the floor of your apartment and that you don't get a hairball from thinking all these kitty thoughts!

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

James was a snuggly cat for me for about a hour this afternoon. Gillian insisted on being a puppy. It is the closest to pets I have ever wanted. Although the soaking up the sun in an afternoon nap--now that I can relate too.