Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at Kathleen and Franklin's

Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Franklin West put together a HUGE Easter egg hunt for all the kids 12 and under in the family.

It was incredible - I can't believe how many eggs there were! They split the kids into three age groups, and Isaac really made out like a bandit cuz it was only him and Eloise (who is barely 1) in his age group.

Each egg was filled with delicious candy, which of course we helped Isaac enjoy :) It was fun to visit with family and see all the kids having such a great time. And it was awesome to have Auntie AJ there, too.

 Isaac had fun playing with Eloise, who is his dear friend. He calls her "Eh-weez" and loves when she plays with him. He's always telling her she's cute.

James had a good time talking nerdy talk with his cousin Brigham.

Then he got coerced into being the kite guy - he did a good job getting it up in the air :)

Isaac loved playing with all his second cousins :)

What a fun day!

Auntie AJ!!

My sister AJ came out to visit for the weekend of Easter. It was so great to see her. Isaac called her "JJ" which it seems most of the kids in our family do at first :) We mostly just hung out, but we also fit in an easter egg hunt, a trip to the new City Creek center in Salt Lake, and a little egg-dyeing. Here are just a few pictures of us hanging out.

AJ trying to get some pictures on her phone.

My turn to take pictures!

Awr, so cute!

Auntie AJ got Baby Vi to sleep. Dem's skillz!

Visit with Rebecca and Benjamin

Back in the beginning of April my cousin Rebecca and her husband Benjamin came out to Utah (from Denmark) for a visit, and spent an evening with us. We got to meet their beautiful daughter Anne Sophie, who is six months old. It was so fun to see them - we always enjoy when they visit, and we wish we could see more of them. :) Time to move to Europe, maybe?

Dyeing Eggs with the Cub Scouts.

The Wednesday before Easter we did an egg-dyeing activity with our cub scouts. Each boy got 2 eggs, which I thought was a stiff limit, but even with the constraints we saw a lot of creativity. A couple of the boys did American and Mexican flags, there were a few crazy crayon drawings, and every egg was dipped in at least three colors. All in all, everyone had a lot of fun, and all the boys took home some creative eggs.

God Made Dirt, and Dirt Don't Hurt

We had our friends Jared and Shirley over a few weeks ago to play Mario Party 9 and eat pizza. Oh yeah, and cuz we like them. When they came over, we sent the boys out to play in the backyard. Of course, they gravitated to the big patch of dirt in our yard that will someday be the garden. After a while, I went back to check on them. Isaac was turned away from me, so I called out his name to get his attention, and when he turned around, this is the view I got.

 They were picking up handfuls of dirt and throwing them in each other's faces. Gotta love little boys. So I was laughing so hard I could barey contain myself. I called for Shirley to come out and see, and then of course we had to take a billion pictures.

After all that fun, we threw the boys in the bath.  The following pictures contain naked baby bums - fair warning.

Oh, how I love my crazy boy!