Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun in the Yard

Here's Isaac and Violet having fun in the backyard. Isaac can not wait until Violet can play more with him. We'll keep her small as long as we can, though. :)

Pictures taken 5/20/2012

Sleeping Babies

A glimpse of life at our house.

Aren't they cute?

Pictures taken 05/14/2012

When He's Helping He's Happy

Here's our cute boy helping clean up after church. I can't really explain the pantsless state, except to say it happens rather often around here. And it's cute.

Pictures taken 05/13/2012

A Nickname for Isaac

So, I've been thinking that Isaac really needs a nickname. Isey-Pisey-Pumpkin-Piesy is cute and all, but it doesn't actually meet the description of a nickname (For those who are wondering "ick" is a Middle English word for "short". It used to be an ickname, but that has changed over the years to become a nickname. Your random trivia lesson is now complete.)

After looking at these pictures, I'm thinking Taz might be a good one--as in the Tazmanian Devil. As in, this kid is WILD.

Flipping over Daddy's legs.

Running around the ottoman to do it again.

And again.

Oooh, Mommy's legs work too.

"Backward, backwards." One of Isaac's most cherished phrases.


Crunch. I think this was when we put the camera away to comfort him after one too many bonks to the head.
Note to self: These pictures were taken 4/19/2012


Back in the beginning of May we had a visit from my brother and his family. How I love those guys. We, sadly, didn't get to spend much time with my sister-in-law Jennifer (they were here so she could attend a professional conference held at the Provo Marriott), but we got to soak up a lot of quality kid time. Isaac adored having Beck, Ainsley, Eli, and Brynn come over every day to play. These kids are some of the funniest people ever, and so sweet to each other and to my two kids.

They all really enjoyed taking turns holding Violet.

Isaac and Eli are finally at an age where they can play together and enjoy it (they have a bit of a rocky past).

Beck is an awesome big brother, and takes care of everyone and made sure everyone was having a good time.

He loved Violet.

And Violet loved him back.


In fact she loved all her cousins.

And she got some love from Brother as well.

Those little red spots around his mouth? Leftovers from our experience with hand-foot-and-mouth the week before. That was fun.

While the kids were here, we mostly played around the house and in the backyard, but we also made a trip to the park (which ended almost as soon as it started when there was an unexpected potty accident), and a trip up to temple square in Salt Lake. We didn't get many pictures of the square or the exhibits. But here are some of the kids goofing off.

The last night they were here, we all went to one of our favorite restaurants in Provo - Terra Mia. Seriously, if you love Italian pizza, you have to try it. It was great fun and delicious, and it really made me with my brother and his family lived closer.

Thanks for visiting us, you guys! We sure love you!

Baby Smiles

Violet gives the sweetest smiles.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C