Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Holy War"

Hey Everyone- we just got home from the BYU-Utah game. Whoa, holy intenseness. I think this was the first rivalry game I've been to, and I don't think I've ever been so nervous. Our guys played really well, but there were a few moments where we were all more than a little concerned. But we pulled ahead there when it counted and finished the game 17 - 10. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm kinda sad there won't be any more home games for a whole year, but I think I may need that much time to recover! Here's a little scrapbook I made of the pictures we took today.

Click to play Holy War
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Sunday, November 11, 2007


So, I borrowed a hair-cutting kit from a friend and James oh-so-kindly submitted to being my guinea pig. I'm not sure what possessed me to actually try this, but I did and now James has to live with the consequences. Remarkably, he tells me I have to continue to cut his hair in the future as well as cut our kids' hair. Crazy man. Well, here is the evidence of the crime:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Football Fun

Here's a little online scrapbook I made of our recent football adventures. Enjoy!

BYU Football
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Recent Adventures

Here are some pictures from our latest adventures. First of all are just a few pictures from Halloween (more to come later). Many of you know that James and I dressed up as Pokemon for Halloween-- specifically Charmander and Pikachu. We got a lot of laughs out of people and some kudos on the costumes. :) You can see how cute James was in his Pikachu footsy-pajamas:

And then here is a picture of me and my friend Brittany at our little Halloween get together (we watched Addam's Family and played games on the Wii on a giant projector! It was sweet, I tell you.)

Yesterday James and I had a blast babysitting James's cousins, Jonas and Max. Here are some pictures from the event:
Here is Max-- he had a blast climbing in this basket and also trying on our shoes! :)

Last, here's Jonas-- we turned him into a zombie with James's Nintendo DS. Next time we babysit we may just conveniently "forget" to bring it so we can actually have some fun with the little guy.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Football Game and Post Game Pajama Party

So last night's football game was a blast. It started out a bit rocky when I realized I had lost my purse somewhere and so didn't have my student ID card. I sent James and Allison ahead and tried to find my purse for about an hour and a half with no luck, so I printed out a copy of my ID card, put a hold on the bank card and went to the game. Things happen. Anyway, so the game was great--BYU had some really nice interceptions and some really good runs by our good pal Harvey Unga, and we ended up crushing the other team, which was what everyone expected. What we weren't expecting, however, was the 2nd-half snowstorm! It started as a few flakes mixed with some light rain but quickly turned into a flurry of snow flakes that made for some very cold fingers and toes. I guess one exciting thing about it was that everyone but the die-hards left and I think the stadium actually got louder. Final score: 42-7. After the game we were so frozen we abandoned any plans we had for going out after the game and instead picked up a pizza and soda on the way home. The three of us went back to the house, changed into pajamas, ate pizza, and played a fun but silly game called In A Pickle which I would highly recommend. James eventually fell asleep on the couch and Allison and I just talked for a while. All in all, it was a great Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the frozen toes part.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween Madness

Yesterday we enjoyed a traditional Halloween activity and, as James would put it, brutally mutilated a living thing--we made a Jack-o-lantern! Two of our good friends came over and we sliced and diced our way to October bliss. James's and my pumpkin is inspired by Pikachu, because we were desperate for inspiration. He actually came out looking pretty good, though perhaps he needed some ears and a tail. As is, he kind of looks a bit like a clown. Well, we'll let you guys decide. Here are some pictures from the event. our pumpkin is the one on the far right side.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It turns out that I may be a jerk.

While talking with Charity I found out a terrible truth about myself. Well, actually, I don't think it is really that bad. Basically, my good friend Jordan and I went to the BYU Utah Basketball game. This was shortly before Charity and I started dating. Charity was sick that weekend. Jordan, being a nice man, thought it would be nice to drop by Charity's house and give her the free tee shirt that we got and an avocado. I kind of talk him out of it. I think he might have called her to wish her well but I think I discouraged him. Well, I actually called her the next day to see if she was alright. That was a pretty jerky thing to do. I can see it on a sitcom. Two guys going after the same girl. One talking about giving her flowers. They other one telling him it is a bad idea only to do so himself. So, what about it? Was I a jerk?


Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun with Ska and other adventures

Tonight James and I went to see one of his former companions play in a local ska-ish type concert. We were regaled with some very interesting songs with charming titles such as "I spit in your food" (actually that was from a bass-guitar/drum duo), "Inevitable robot apocalypse" and "I wanna skank" which may have meant "I want to skank" but the lyrics suggested another interpretation. :) Anyway, we had a really good time and I actually got James to dance with me. By the way, the band we actually went to see had less-odd titles for their songs and were actually quite good.
The Green Peanuts

In other news, my cousins Kristine and Rebecca from Denmark were over here yesterday with Kristine's boyfriend Tyler. That's right, boyfriend. They met while she was serving in Chicago and wrote back and forth for the past 8 months or so, and on this trip of Kristine's to Utah they seem to have hit it off rather well and decided to make a go of it. He is a really nice young man and I'm excited that Kristine is dating an American! :) Anyway, we had a great time with them-- and we're hoping we'll get to see a lot more of them. Here's a picture of me and Kristine:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Improvement

Hello Family! So, I've been doing a couple of interesting home improvement projects in the last couple of days. The one I am most proud of is my coffee table. It's sort of my foray into decoupage--which always seemed like a silly craft, until I had a vacuum cleaner box that I wanted to turn into a table. Now it seems brilliant. Here you can see our living room with the table in the center. However, I need a little input--what should I do with the sides? I don't like them white, but I'm afraid of doing anything else to it and making it look busy, which is what I always seem to do with my crafty projects. So, anyone have any suggestions?

Apart from that, we've also been having adventures with our dryer. Adventures roughly translates to "Allison broke our dryer." Ok, ok, Allison did not break our dryer, she was just sadly the first victim of its breakage. Anyway, the dryer has decided not to heat up the air anymore, so I have been finding unique ways to get around this problem, such as the unique method shown here:

You may recognize this as James's former favorite chair. It was just sitting in the room of death (as I like to call our spare room which, no matter how many times I try to organize it, stays exactly as it was. ), so I decided it could use a little company in the form of our wet clothes.

Also, Cyndi's donated shoe rack has turned secret agent and is doubling as a drying rack, as illustrated below:

So, this is the fascinating history of our lovely apartment. I hope you have enjoyed it and visit our virtual home again. :)

Ron Paul

You know what I don't like. People on the internet. On my online social site that I read under the Political Section all people talk about is Ron Paul. You can vote whether you like a comment or not. If you say something bad about Ron Paul or good about any of the other candidates you get voted down. No matter how well you argue the point if it against Ron Paul you get voted down. So, naturally I dislike Ron Paul. It doesn't help that their are all kinds of advertisement randomly strew about Provo advocating him. Apparently, Ron Paul is the only man that can save the United States. What I really don't like about the situation is that people actually think he has a chance of winning. They were like, he raised $5 million dollars in the 4th quarter. That means people like him....nevermind the fact that Obama, Clinton, Romney, Giuliani, and others made quite a bit more money then him. I don't have a good link for current contribuations but here's a good one for the previous:

In any case, I decided to look up what Ron Paul believes, and I actually agree with him on a lot of topics. He's for reducing the size of the federal government and giving more power to the states. He wants to get the US out of NATO and the UN. However, he wants to stop the war on drugs. I can't agree with that. He also wants to abolish Federal Income Tax. I'm not a fan of taxes but I do believe they are necessary. He wants to bring the US back to the gold standard. I'm not such a big fan of that. I could say more, but I don't want to. :)

Basically, I do not like Ron Paul because the rest of the internet world seems to think he is a god. Which he is not. He is not the answer to our problems. Well, I've said enough. I'm going to watch the rest of the Republic Presidential Debate and report what I liked and disliked.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to Our Web Log

Hi. We decided that we ought to get a web log and join the crowd. Actually it's part of our effort to have some sort of family journaling/scrap booking/remembering-of-important-events. So, this is our family home evening activity for the evening. James wants to watch football, but being the wonderful, kind, loving, handsome husband that he is, he is humoring me and letting us do this exciting activity.
Well, we don't have much news that all of you don't already know, so I think we'll let this be our welcome entry. We are excited to join this technological, familial link and will try to keep our blog updated so you can all know the exciting happenings in the James and Charity West family. We love you all and hope you have a happy and healthy week.
P.S. football is wonderful.