Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running Man

Earlier this month, June 11 to be exact, James accomplished something awesome - he ran a marathon! He had been training for this marathon for months and months. He was very diligent, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to get to his office early and run on the treadmill so that he could still get home at a decent hour and take care of his family. As the day grew closer, his normally calm demeanor became noticeably more nervous. I actually thought it was cute, since it really takes a lot to disrupt James's calm.

The evening before the marathon, James's cousin Rick (who was also running the marathon - his 5th one) and his family came over to share a pasta dinner. We had a lot of fun with them, and I think it helped James relax a bit - though it didn't last long. Rick spent the night and the two of them woke up very early in the morning to get on the bus that would take them way way way up the canyon where the race would start. They had to be up at 3 for a race that started at 6 - can you believe it? James had a really rough night, too nervous to sleep, poor guy.

Anyway, since there was no way I was getting up at 3, I expressed my support after James had gone to bed by putting signs in strategic places where I thought they would see them - "You're awesome!" and "You can do it" on the bathroom mirrors, "26.2" on the door, "Have a great run" by the dining room table. James said that made him feel pretty good as he prepared to leave.

Interesting note - part of the preparations for the race included rubbing Vaseline in various places to avoid chafing - between the toes, the insides of the arms (where they hit the body), the chest, and the insides of the thighs. I don't know, for some reason I found that really funny, but James did actually get much fewer blisters running his marathon than he did running the half last year, so I guess it worked!

Anyway, James accomplished his goal - he finished! He wasn't trying for a great time, but I think he did pretty well, coming in at 5 hours and about 30 minutes. He actually improved his pace from when he did the half, so I think that's something to be proud of. He had some issues with cramping - his legs just seized up and he had to run-walk for a lot of the end of the race. He ran the last little way once he got into the "chute" where all the people are watching the finishers and cheering - when they're cheering you it's hard not to run. But poor guy was so shot and in so much pain! He said that as he ran that last bit to the finish line he was planning just to lie down and sob, but then he realized he probably wouldn't be able to get up again, so he decided against it. If you want more details of his agony, you'll have to ask James, but let's just say he's not eager to do it again.

Here are some of the pictures from the event:

 Here's Rick greeting his family after he finished. I showed up at the finish line just in time to catch them. They had to leave before James finished, but they kindly lent me their oldest child to help with Isaac. So nice!

 Isaac had a great time cheering the runners. He loved lifting his hands up and shouting Whoo-hoo! Although it came out more like Hoo-hoo! which I thought was adorable, of course.

 You can't really see him, but this was my first glimpse of James. He's out there somewhere.

 Here he is doggedly running to the finish line.

 The clock time is a little more than his actual time, since they correct the time for when he actually got to the starting line - you know, since there's so many people they don't all actually start the race at the same time.

 Yay! He's done!

 He said he was pretty close to tears as he caught sight of us. Poor guy!

This is after we walked to the car and he'd had a bit of time to recover. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Seven Peaks

So, on Friday, we headed out to Seven Peaks Water park to take advantage of our season passes. We have a pass that gets us into Trafalga, Orem Owls and Utah Flash games, and of course Seven Peaks. We were excited to take Isaac, as he is quite the water baby.

I was very pleased to see how many things they have there for the really tiny ones to do. They have a splash pool with zero-depth entry, and then a larger play area that has about five slides that kids are good to go down in by themselves, or their parents can take them down. There are floating alligators and snakes to play in there, too. Then there's Tyke's Peak with slightly larger kid slides, that we could take Isaac down as well. And we were able to take him to the wave pool, too. All in all, it is definitely worth the money to us, and I think we'll be spending lots of time there this summer.

Here's James and Isaac starting off!

And Isaac and Daddy on the slide:

It did not faze Isaac one bit to get completely dunked under the water.

He did get pretty cold though (it was only about 70 degrees out, and windy), so we got out frequently to wrap him in a towel and warm up.

(Side note - Isaac loves towels. After the bath he loves to just be wrapped up in his towel - almost swaddled like a baby - and just lie there all happy and snug, or sometimes he likes you to hold him and rock him in his towel. Sometimes he will find a towel in the middle of the day and hold it out to me and say "Please!" and something that sounds like "arms" though I'm not sure - but I get the gist that he wants me to wrap it around him. He saunters all around the house until it falls off and then he brings it back to me and says Please and Arms again and we start all over.)

Here's Isaac and me on the Tyke's Peak slide:

And after, in the towel again:

The last thing we did was the wave pool, which I didn't think Isaac would be into, but he totally was. Every time a wave would crash into us, he'd grin and say "Whoa!"

That was our first Seven Peaks Adventure! We celebrated with Little Caesar's pizza and crazy bread for dinner. Perfect Friday!

National Donut Day

I am not sure why, but Friday was National Donut Day. We'll take any excuse to go have a donut (ok, that's not entirely true. James will, but I'm not such a huge donut fan. I like them when I eat them, but I never actually crave them or think, "That would really hit the spot right now." I think that much more often about pie). - so anyway, we decided to go ahead and head out to Krispy Kreme and give Isaac his first donut.

Well, the lines were really just too long and there was no parking, and we wanted to go to the waterpark, so... we decided to delay National Donut Day - and we celebrated a day late. People are always doing that, anyway. So, we went back on Saturday to a much less crowded Krispy Kreme.

Isaac was fascinated by the donut process - they let you watch how the donuts are made through a window - and kept pointing and saying, "Cookie!"

So, what did Isaac think of the donuts? He took a couple bites, but he was much more interested in wandering around and investigating the store.

He even played "Daddy Chase Me!" outside...

But at least he accomplished the most important donut feat - getting it all over your face: