Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random June Pictures

Just a few pictures of our cuties.

Hanging out with our cute neighbor Kami.

Snuggling the Baby Sis.

And a big kiss, too!

Oh, that smile.

Enjoying a little lunch.

Happy kids. Love those smiles.

Our Family Delicacy

Sometimes, you do ridiculous things to appease your children - even when their requests are unreasonable and made at unreasonable times, their sweet little faces just hit that tender spot in your soul that turns you into a major sucker.
Well, and one night in late June, Isaac had a full-blown meltdown and the only thing in the world he wanted was "Turkey wis fishies!!" This is our strange little family delicacy that James invented one day (back before Isaac gained a real appetite) to get Isaac to eat a little more protein. They are simply goldfish wrapped in small strips of deli turkey. And yeah, they're weird. But surprisingly good.
So, the two of us took a little trip to the store at 8pm and grabbed a box of goldfish and some deli turkey, and our cute little guy was happy for the night.

I thought about it later in typical angsty parent fashion - am I teaching him all the wrong things? Should I have just said no and made him suffer? The meltdown was really just pitiable, and definitely not something I wanted to encourage - but my kind neighbor reminded me later that it's hard to be a big spirit in a little body, with very little control over anything in your life. When I want something, I just go get it--or don't get it--but at least I'm the one deciding whether or not I should have it. Poor Isaac has to wait upon the whims and caprices of two adults whose thought processes I'm sure are an absolute mystery to him.
And also, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how lucky I am that I can even give him this silly little thing that he wanted. I thought about all the mothers in all the world who would just love to have the access and ability to buy their children something they really really wanted to eat - or something to eat at all. And I decided to consider myself lucky that I could make my child happy. And then I went to bed.

A Few Funny Conversations with Isaac

Isaac has been quite entertaining lately. His verbal skills have gotten to a point where he can actually tell you what he is thinking or tell you a story, and it's just funny to hear how his mind works and what goes on in his brain. Plus he's just a cutie. Here are some examples:

One day while making paper airplanes:
Me: Here let me show you a different one. You know, Mommy's brother taught her how to make this kind of airplane.
Isaac: Oh! My brother teach me, too!
Me: Um, Isaac, you don't have a brother!
Isaac: Yes, have a brother!
Me: Oh really? Who's your brother?
Isaac: Ummm... Daddy!

A family conversation while chopping vegetables for dinner:
James (to Violet): I'm gonna eat your soul!
Isaac (to me): Nooo. Daddy don't wanna eat Baby Violet.
James (to Isaac): But what if I'm hungry??
Isaac (in a helpful tone of voice): Uh, veddables, Daddy! (veddables = vegetables)

An argument with TJ in church:
TJ, holding up a construction vehicle: Look! A dump truck!
Isaac: No! It's a bulldozer!
TJ: It's a dump truck!
Isaac: NOOO!! It's a bulldozer! It's a bulldozer, TJ!! A BULLDOZER!!
(all while everyone else in the room was *trying* to reverently participate in the sacrament. D'oh!)

Another argument with TJ:
TJ (happily): I'm two!
Isaac: I'm two!
TJ: I'm two!!
Isaac: I'M TWO!!!
Yelling continues like that, despite many assurances from moms that they are both, indeed, two.

During breakfast one morning. I am eating oatmeal with peaches and brown sugar.
Isaac: Wanna eat da sugars.
Me: No, Isaac, you can't eat sugar.
Then I tuned him out for a bit, since I was sure he was just going to say over and over again that he wanted to eat brown sugar. Thus far that has been his persuasive tactic and I've found it best to ignore him. But then I noticed his tone had changed from whiny to actually, well, persuasive, so I tuned back in.
Isaac: Not all da sugars, Mommy, just one sugars. Not gonna eat all da sugars. Just one. Just one sugars.
Shrug. I let him have a little spoonful. :)

An argument with Westin at church. The kids were both looking at a little Book of Mormon stories book, examining the picture of the brother of Jared.
Isaac: Dey're eggs!
Westin: No, dey're hot rocks!

And as a side note, he's also started picking flowers for me, and I can't even describe how happy those little dandelion heads make me. Such a sweet heart. I love to hear his little voice, "It's for YOU, Mom! It's for YOU!!!"

More Cousins!

Heidi and the kids were in town in June for a funeral in Heidi's family. Of course they were very busy, so we were so glad they had a little time to come and visit us. How we wish they lived closer! We love these guys, and it is so much fun to see Isaac and Tristen playing together. They are great little pals. It was also great to see Natalya, as the last time we saw her was about a year ago (July), and she has grown up a lot since then.

Popsicle time!

Such handsome guys.

We hope these two will grow up to be great friends as well.

The beautiful Nala.

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And of course, no backyard play time would be complete without a trip to the ol' dirt patch.

Yeah, some day we really have to actually plant a garden or something.

After their bath. Three wet kids in t-shirts. Too cute.

Sisters... sisters... there were never such devoted sisters.

Love these gals.

Sharing some macaroni and cheese to round out the evening.

Cascade Springs

While George and Ruth were here, we took a little family trip up to Cascade Springs. For family history purposes, I will note that this is the spot where George proposed to Ruth. It was also the place James had intended to propose to me, but the road was not open yet that early May in 2007, so we diverted to Stewart Falls. ;)

So, as I was saying we took this little trip up there with George and Ruth, Allison and Michael, and Baby George. We had to go in three cars and so were caravaning up. On the way up, Isaac seemed to be having a really great time, until he got quiet for about five minutes, then all of a sudden said "Mommy!" in a worried voice, then threw up. Bananas. Joy. Another family history note--this was the first time Isaac had ever thrown up in his entire young life. I count myself lucky we made it that long.

Anyway, we did our best to communicate to the other two cars that there was an emergency on our hands and we all pulled over. Luckily we had a few towels in the car, so we were able to get Isaac all cleaned up. We also had a jacket/shirt with us that I had brought in case it was cold, but no pants. So this is how we started the hike. Poor kid.

He actually had been wearing my sweater, but he decided he didn't like it and would brave the hike pantsless. I guess he's used to it.

Isaac was a good trooper for most of the walk, but he started to get tired and I think he really wasn't feeling great. He actually fell asleep riding on James's shoulders.

Nice place to take a nap.

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa West

Grandma and Grandpa West were here in May and June visiting with Grandpa Wilde, and though the circumstances were sad, it was wonderful to see them and spend time with them.

One of the days they were visiting, they took Isaac on a little trip to the toy store (lucky skunk) and let him pick out something special.

Grandma may be even more anxious than Isaac to get going!

Running to the toy aisle with Grandma. Isaac is so lucky to have such wonderful people who love him.

Perusing the options.

He's made his choice. A Wheelies Cars 2 race track with a little Francesco and McQueen.

He's pretty excited to get it open and start playing.

He also got a couple extra cars - a Holly Shiftwell and McMissile to round out the set.

Baby Violet sure loves her Grandpa.

And her Grandma. Smiles all around.

At home, playing with his awesome new toy.
And he still plays with it every day. We've gotten a lot of mileage out of this toy. But even better are the memories and the feeling of being loved. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!