Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Pics

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Colorado:
Our gift to Beck and Ainsley this year consisted of a trunk filled with various articles of dress-up clothing. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the box itself, but I did get these cute shots of the kids playing with the hats, which they decided they needed for their first post-Christmas bike ride. To keep the sun out of their eyes, you know.

Eli got these little froggy slippers and a little stuffed frog from us. And he gets to play with the dress-up box too - when he's up for it.

And here are just some random pictures of the kids, etc., opening up presents.

James got this awesome Giants hat from Cyndi - way to pick em, Cyn. He loves it!

Mom decided it would be fun to curl my hair, so I spent most of Christmas Eve with my hair in curlers. The result was quite poofy, but not entirely uncute. Here's a neat picture of me and Ainsley - her curls are natural.

Grandpa playing toss with Beck.

James made pirate swords for the kids, as well as pirate hats. Oh boy did they love that. They were running around pretending to be pirates all day after that. At one point, Beck hopped on the bed that Grandma and Grandpa were sleeping on and shouted to Ainsley, "Ains! I found us a clever ship!" Oh those clever ships...

And here's a blurry but still adorable pic of little Ains and her blue blue eyes.

Upon arriving home, I realized I did not take enough pictures of the adults or of the baby. I've got to get better about that. Doesn't help that no one wants their picture taken, though. Sigh. Well, it was a very merry Christmas.


Tracie said...

Cute pictures. And you look cute with your hair all curly.

Katie said...

Cute Pictures!! I love your hair like that!
Shoot me an email sometime!

Buffy said...

That picture of your dad and Beck is totally awesome.