Monday, August 17, 2009


The phrase of the last ten days: Still no baby.

Yep, our little boy has not yet decided to grace us with his presence. I still feel good though, which Aunt Katherine says is a sure sign I won't have him for a while - I have to be fully miserable before I'm really ready to give birth :P

But just to give everyone a little update on what's happening - tomorrow I will go in for a non-stress test and ultrasound, and then if things still haven't happened on their own I will be induced either Thursday or Friday.

So, we promise a baby by the end of the week - for all of you anxiously waiting :)

Thanks to everyone for your support and love, and we'll let you know once anything exciting happens.

James, Charity, and Son


UtahMillers said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Good luck. I'm glad you are still feeling good. Take care!

salt lake temple said...

I really hope that you don't have to be induced. It makes contractions and childbirth more intense. But good luck. Hopefully he'll come. I always thought those stress tests were funny. Sit in a reclining chair with your feet up, drink the Capri sun as quickly as possible and wait while they monitor the baby. Way stressful :) Evan never liked them because he didn't get a Capri sun (which I hate), but one time the nurse gave him one anyway. Hehehehe
Good luck.

salt lake temple said...
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Holly said...

I don't know what happened, Evan said that we were hacked, but the salt lake temple posting is actually me. Hopefully it's fine now.

Jessica said...

You'll make it. I think it's great you still feel so good - live it up while you can!

Christian and Jennifer said...

We love you!

Buffy said...

I'm so excited. This is going to be legendary!

Tracie said...

I'm so incredibly excited. I can't wait to hear the news. I've heard you've had the baby, and I'm dying for the details. I hope you're doing okay.