Saturday, September 26, 2009

Isaac's First Game

So today we took Isaac to his first BYU football game. I spent the early afternoon preparing him for it--taught him the fight song, practiced the hand motions, reviewed who the players are... just kidding. What I actually did was made him a little outfit to express his future love for BYU football. There's not much in the way of BYU paraphernalia for tiny people, so I got to express my own creativity and make him this little version of the BYU uniform:

We put Isaac in his carrier and by the time we had walked from the parking lot to the game, he was sound asleep - and that's pretty much how he stayed throughout the entire game. The game was really fun; the team made short work of CSU, so nothing to complain about there. We had a lot of fun sharing our passion for the game with Isaac.

One really cool thing-- in the women's bathroom in the lower part of the stadium, there is actually a little area set aside, like a little mother's room. I was able to go down there at half time and feed Isaac no problem. Coolest thing, though, I met another girl with a baby about the same size as Isaac. We got to chatting and comparing ages and found out they were both five weeks old --and born on the same day! In the same hospital! How neat is that? And they both weighed the same when they were born. Crazy huh? She was a really nice girl, and I hope we'll run into each other during future half time feedings. :)


Buffy said...

So cute that you are already indoctrinating him into the Johansen West ways. That little outfit is adorable. You are awesome.

Emily said...

That is honestly too cute. You guys are fun parents! We knew you would be. :)

Monsivais Family said...

How Fun. He is the number one fan of BYU football. He is so cute in that outfit.

Melanie and Chauncey West said...

Very fun. I loke his jersey you made. Did he make noise for the team?
Could you please send me aj, heidi, baby george and michaels email?

Katie said...

He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!

Buffy said...

How did you do the number and the lettering on the back? Is it an iron on decal?