Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Stinker

You know how you read in all the child development books and sites and whatever that it's totally normal for your toddler to want to run around naked and constantly be shedding his clothes. Well, what about the opposite? Isaac has a serious clothing adoration - he hates taking his clothes off and sometimes will bring me shirts or pants to try to get me to put them on him over the clothes he is already wearing. I'm sure it's perfectly normal, too, I just think it's pretty funny that while other parents are struggling with their little nudists, I've got a little never-nude on my hands.

Case in point: The other night James was trying to give Isaac a bath while I did the dishes upstairs. I heard a lot of whining from Isaac and a few exasperated "Child!"s from James, and then finally I hear "Honey - will you come down and help me? Isaac is refusing to take his clothes off. So I trot downstairs, James meets me at the door of the bathroom, and in the time it takes for me to give him a little commiserating pat on the shoulder, Isaac has done this:

 Don't worry, he wasn't actually drinking soap. The bottle is empty.

Little stinker.


Wendy McMillan said...

That's really funny. Haven't read any of those books but I've never heard of such a young never-nude. It's not the same but it reminded me of how Holden used to always pull his hat off at the beach but now that he signs hat, he can't seem to wear it enough. But yours is still way funnier. Especially the exasperated "Child" comments coming from James.

Shirley said...

LOL that is so funny!!! That stinks he gives you such a hard time when it's time to take off clothes, but so fun to remember in 20 years, right? :)

Charity said...
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