Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yia Yia and Papa very generously pitched in to buy Isaac a swing set for his birthday present this year. James and I searched long and hard before finding the perfect set at a good price before we settled on the Flexible Flyer Big Adventure swing set from Wal-Mart. We put in our order, waited anxiously patiently for two whole weeks and then it came! It very conveniently arrived on a Friday afternoon, so we had the weekend to set it up. James and I spent most of the afternoon on Friday trying to figure it out - the instructions were not super clear and the parts were not the best labeled, so we put the thing together wrong about 6 times, then later had to take things apart, turn them around, put them in the right place, etc. We were also hampered  helped along by several eager neighbor children who very much wanted to play on the swings and prove just how savvy they were at building. Anyway, once we got rid of the neighbor children and Isaac (the kind neighbor parents took them all to their house), it went much faster, but by then we were losing light, so we only had the frame and the slide up before we called it quits. All the kids from the neighborhood came over to play on it, though, so even in its skeleton state it was a big hit.

Here's Isaac playing on the slide on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon, the rest of it went much faster, just hooking up the swings and attaching the see-saw. It was a big hit with Isaac and all his friends. 


Shirley said...

So fun! Can we come over right now? haha. :)

Christian and Jennifer said...

We want to come, too! How fun!