Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Pictures!

The Family Talent Show:

Heidi decided she'd like to have a luncheon and talent show instead of a reception (she was going to do the reception as a joint-venture in December with her brother and his fiancee) but then they decided to go ahead and do the reception in November anyway, but they still kept the talent show! I, sadly, did not get pictures of everyone's amazing talents, as I was busy enjoying them, but I did make sure to snap a few shots.

Just enjoying the lasagna and oh-my-gosh-that-was-amazing-give-me-some-more cheesecake. No, seriously, give me some more.

Melanie and the beautiful Bella

James's talent was making balloon sculptures. He called for three volunteers to give him their orders. He got like 12! Poor guy's cheeks were so sore!

George and Anthony performed three of their amazing compositions - ditties mostly featuring delicious food - that they created while on family trips throughout their young lives.

Allison and Buffy put on a display of hand-clapping artistry that was enjoyed by all.

My talent was extremely gifted baby-hogging.

James other talent was being incredibly dashing.

The Wedding

The wedding itself was just beautiful. The Winter Quarters temple is absolutely gorgeous, and it was just so fun to see Anthony and Heidi finally tie the knot.

I didn't get any really good pictures of them coming out of the temple because my camera chose that particular moment to stop working (I think it was cold). But here's one that turned out half-way decent.
The happy couple with all the brothers. Someone tell James he looks great in that red tie. I'm hoping he will wear it again someday.
The happy couple and the girls.

Cute Kate. Is it awful that I'm jealous of a 2-year-old's coat?
Just the girls. And in case you were wondering, no it wasn't cold. It was FREEZING.

The Reception

The reception was a grand old time of dancing, cake, good food, fun people. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening:

James trying to show my how to dance. I'm not so very good at following. Those are cherries on my dress, by the way. Awesome, eh?
George and Allison and Heidi and Anthony are all better dancers than me.
Chauncey, Melanie, and Kate grooving to the music.

James and Anthony - James's tie was a bit too long, hence it's tucked in.

Anthony, by this point, was very very tired.

Anthony and the lovely Heidi.

The West siblings minus Chauncey, who I think at this point had decided it was time to put the kids to bed.

Jamey and his mom.

The ladies at the reception. Isn't Heidi so beautiful?

The cutting of the cake. It was chocolate, which I think was a good choice.

Ok, I am sick of uploading pictures one by one! Those are the best of them, but there are more on facebook for any who are interested.


Tracie said...

Talent show and a reception? Sounds like fun. Your dress looks great! I'd love to see it in person with the cute shrug. It does work great.

Dallin and Megan Dyer said...

I love your dress!

Jessica said...

James, you look dashing in your tie. You should DEFINITELY wear it again. And try to get Elliot to wear one that looks just like that that I bought him that he won't wear. ;)

Charity, your black dress on the other hand--maybe you should just give that to me so you don't have to be caught wearing that again. Just kidding! You look great. I can't even try to trick you into giving it to me because it just sounds too mean. I love it.