Monday, April 6, 2009

Things We Did in March

So since I didn't blog throughout the entire month of March, I will try to recap the month in simple pictorial fashion.

In March, we:

Had a lovely, if short, visit from our brother-in-law Tim

Had another lovely visit from Christian, Jen, and the Kiddos

more picture on my facebook page

Said goodbye to Battlestar Galactica

Found out my mission president is now our stake president

Had Family Home Evening every Monday

Memorized the first three paragraphs of the Proclamation to the World on the Family

Watched Willow with my awesome friend Megan

Read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy

Went to the temple with the awesome Wilde family (Grandpa Wilde, Denise and Kelly Roundy, Elliot Wilde, and Jacob and Valerie Russell) to do sealings

Bought another robot that will clean our home for us

we call her Roo-by

And, last but not least,

Found out we are having a boy!

Hopefully we will have ultrasound pics and possibly a video to share with you soon. James has been swamped with school and I'm too tech un-savvy to figure it all out. So you will just have to be patient. But we are so excited for our little boy!


Shauna Malia said...

YAY! I'm so excited for your little one! Are you still going to name him Harvey?

Pearlie Meg said...

Hey! I'm your awesome friend Megan! Hooray! And you are most definitely my awesome friend Charity! Thanks again for the presents. They were . . . awesome!

Tracie said...

Yep, I know how it is. I went a whole month without posting too. I'll get around to, eventually, catching up.

Tracie said...

I'm also so excited you're having a boy! And I think we really are going to give Morgan the middle name of Danger.

Christian and Jennifer said...

Fun pictorial! I think you're wonderful, Charity. We are so excited to meet this little guy! So hurry up and get on with it, will you!?

Melanie said...

Hooray and congrats! Babies are such fun...although I have no experience with boys...i hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well.

Buffy said...

What fun to see Tim on someone else's blog. I can't remember the other pictures I was going to comment on.