Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Wilde Halloween

So, a week after West Fest, we had the pleasure of attending the Wilde Halloween party. This holiday is so much fun. Pretty much everyone came in costume, and what costumes they were! Let me tell ya - no, let me show ya. Here are some of the pictures from the event:

 Us again! This time James had his mask and Isaac had his ninja head band. 
And I... well, I had a seriously red ponytail.

 Isaac. Did we make a cute kid or what?

 He actually really liked his shell. And didn't mind his headband... for about half an hour. 
Then it was gone, baby, gone.

 Emily and Max - he was the house from Up and she was Russell. 
Is that not the cutest costume you've ever seen?

 The Up characters with Ron Weasley. Presumably, he's responsible for turning Max into a house.

 Jedis who mean business.

 Jedis who know how to have fun.

 Horses at the prom (otherwise known as Jacob and Valerie.)

 Isaac again. He's too cute.

 Maria and Hannah looking gorgeous on the balcony.

 Allison and Michael coming as video game/cartoon characters Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Isaac says, "Hey! I'm a video game/cartoon character, too! We can be a club!"

Ok, so we had a lot of fun this Halloween. We hope you all did, too!


Wendy McMillan said...

The Up house and Casey Jones are my favorites. Great costumes everyone!

Christian and Jennifer said...

How did you make that costume for Isaac? He is possibly the cutest kid ever to turn into a turtle inadvertently.

Buffy said...

Wow, you guys are adorable. Did you seriously dye your hair?

Charity said...

Jennifer - (or Christian?) I used a shirt and pair of pants as a model and sort of copied/modified them using fleece. I just sort of looked at a picture and figured it out as I went along. It was easier than it sounds though. His ninja head/arm/leg bands were actually cut from one of his teeny weeny receiving blankets. Cute and cheap. I think I spent 5$ total for all the fleece. He is so cute, huh?

Buffy, I did not die my hair. I just sprayed it with that spray-in stuff you can find all over around Halloween. It came out in one wash. Well, mostly. My hair is looking sort of strawberry blond in some places. But I have faith that with one more wash I'll be back to my old blond self.