Monday, November 1, 2010

Isaac Helping Around the House

Isaac is a good little helper. Only 14 months old and already wanting to get in on the chore action. His favorites are scrubbing the tub and washing the dishes

 He's no shirker when it comes to yard work, either. He gets right in there and toils away.

He really loves that lawnmower.

 In fact, he may love the lawnmower a bit too much.


So nice of the neighbors to let him borrow one his own size. :)

What a sweet and helpful little boy we've got. :)


Tracie said...

I love the way you narrate your pics of Issac. Also, he poses so cute for you! It's so hard to get a picture of Morgan because he practically refuses to look at the camera and smile anymore. He's much too "Sorry, Mom. I'm too busy. I've got messes to make, things to climb, and other dangerous and messy things to do."

Charity said...

Isaac has started totally hamming it up for the camera. It's odd, but I'm not complaining. The camera comes out and he gives it this picture-perfect smile, like he just really cheeses it. It's adorable. Hope it lasts a little while.

Allison said...

I love that he's in the sink doing the dishes =)

MT said...

Awwwwh, he's totally cute Charity!

George and Ruth said...

Isaac reminds me of Chauncey at 18 months--I have a lawn mower and a sink picture of Chauncey just like these. What fun. So cute