Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, Isaac is a little slow on the talking. So far, the only real words he says are "no," "uh-oh," and "whee". And yes, I realize I'm being a little liberal in my interpretation of word when it comes to those last two.

But still, Isaac has found many ways to communicate. He does know a few signs, and uses them mostly appropriately. His best one is "please," which he uses enthusiastically when chocolate is involved. He also knows "more," "drink," "milk," "sleep," and "all done," though I think he thinks "all done" means "pick me up." It accomplishes the same thing, so I'm all right with that.

The most interesting way Isaac has come up with to communicate, though, is what I like to call steering. He gets me to pick him up then he emphatically points in the direction of his heart's desire. So, if he wants to take a bath he aims me towards the stairs, then down the hall, then to the bathroom. If he wants to go to sleep (and yes, he frequently volunteers to go to sleep- probably because he knows he will get to nurse), he points me towards the bedroom. If he wants to watch a show (and yes, I let my child watch television. I am properly ashamed.), he points me toward the family room, then points up at the projector, then scrambles out of my arm and settles himself comfortably on the couch and stares at the wall while waiting for the projector to come on. It's cute. I tell you what.

It just amazes me how much he can understand and participate in what we are doing, and how well he is able to communicate his needs and desires using no words. Of course, I'd love it if he started chattering, but I'm sure that will come soon enough. :)


George and Ruth said...

Your experience with Isaac reminds me of my own little James and George. Both of them were so good at non verbal communication. They never showed secondary behavior problems frequently associated with not being able to talk (bitting, fit pitching, hitting, crying with frustration) They both were just able to communicate. I have good memories of both their toddler-hoods.

Wendy McMillan said...

Cool. I knew he would be a smarty pants. I'm all for talking but at least more signing = less whining. Ooh that rhymed!

M.C. Sommers said...

I love the "steering." That is so adorable!

Evan and Holly said...

Just so you know, even if they can finally talk (in Kyle's case) they'll still steer. If I'm not coming fast enough, "come on, mommy!" he'll grab my legs with both arms and try to pull me (doesn't usually work because I can't move then) and he'll lead me by the hand places, he tells me in the car with pointing, "go that way." But I kind of love it, as I'm sure you do. I love that you coined it "steering" too. Never knew what to call it before. :) Issac sure is cute.