Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spot the Blessings

Sometimes I like to play a game with myself when I am in an ordinary setting. I named that game tonight - I've decided to call it "spot the blessings." It's a really fun game; I'll tell you how to play.

You just sit wherever you are and think of all the blessings that are evident in what you can see/experience around you.

Here's an example: Tonight I was at our institute class at the church. Within the first five minutes I came up with these blessings, in no particular order:

1. The freedom to discuss religion in the open
2. Shoes
3. A nice big building dedicated to the purposes of worship and fellowship
4. A teacher who volunteers his time to lead a thoughtful discussion on the Book of Mormon every week
5. My husband, who went with me to Institute tonight even though he is feeling sick, because I didn't want to go without him
6. Warm jackets
7. The slightly warmish weather we've been having
8. Snacks
9. The prophets who sacrificed so incredibly much to write and preserve the words in the Book of Mormon
10. General health, horrible sinus pressure and leaky nose notwithstanding
11. Heat in the building
12. My new Android phone, which I could use to read the scriptures and then slip into my pocket at the end of class, not having to lug around heavy scriptures (there is something to be said for the written word in physical, markable format, but I was grateful tonight that the holy scriptures were so dang handy)
13. My friend Brad, who generously gifted me his in-perfect-condition Android phone
14. Pianos and people who play them
15. Wonderful, willing cousins at home watching Isaac (ooh, that was downright alliterative)

... And I could have thought up a bunch more, but I was getting interested in the discussion, so I had to stop thinking about blessings. But have you noticed how many of these relate to heat? I'll tell you, I'll be able to spot many more blessings once spring arrives.

But, really, it's enough to make you feel darn spoiled. Just sit and look around and realize how good you have it. And it's fun. And you can do it anywhere.

What about you? Any blessings you can spot from where you are right now?


Evan and Holly said...

The fact that all I have to do to get Kyle to go to the potty is tell him he can wash his hands. Then the fact that I can sit and read blogs while he "washes" his hands. :) And no soap required, plus free FREE potty reward. That is a major blessing.

Christian and Jennifer said...

I love this post. I think life truly becomes something special when we recognize how many blessings -- big and small -- are given to us in every moment of every day. I like your idea, which would be REALLY helpful when things are crappy and we need a little bit of help to see the good. For me: Having Christian home tonight to help with the kids. NOT having any homework left to do for tonight. My phone is not lost. My kids are in bed. Brynn is happy and kicking her little feet while she lays on the bed nearby. Everyone is healthy.

George and Ruth said...

I have the blessing of grown up children named James and Charity--how great is that.