Monday, March 14, 2011

Isaac and Johnny

So some friends of ours came over on Saturday, just to hang out. Isaac and their son, Johnny, are such good friends. It is adorable. When we have plans to go over to their house, it is so easy to get Isaac to do what I ask him to do - all I have to say is, "Isaac want to go see Johnny?" and suddenly he's willing to get a diaper change, put shoes on, go out to the car, whatever.

Apparently, Johnny (who is about 8 months older than Isaac) remembers things he has done with Isaac (like swimming or going to the park) and asks where Isaac is when they do that activity again. It's so cute.

They usually play together pretty well, too. I mean, of course there is the occasional scuffle over a toy, but mostly they crack each other up and have a good ol' time racing around each other in circles.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday:

They were having a great time playing on the stairs, 
and then I guess they got tired. They decided to take a little nap. 
Aren't their little bare legs adorable?

Here they are oh-so-sweetly sharing the rocking chair:

And here they were, not-quite-as-sweetly clambering into it:

Johnny opened up a book and started "reading" it to Isaac. It was so adorable. All the right intonations, just like he was telling a real story. Which I'm sure he was. Cuz Isaac sure got a kick out of it. He was laughing up a storm. I couldn't quite catch the laughter on camera, but just trust me, they were both having a blast:

Here's hoping they'll be life-long buds, cuz we sure love their parents.

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Buffy said...

It is so amazing to watch your kids playing with friends. It is just comforting to know that they already possess such a vital skill as community play. Isaac really looks like some of my mom's babies in a couple of these pictures. Allison and my James in particular.