Monday, March 14, 2011

Where's Isaac?

One of Isaac's favorite games is "peekaboo," only for some reason we don't say "peekaboo," we just say, "Where's Isaac?" It works the same, though. :)

Where's Isaac?
Oh there he is!

Where's Isaac now?!

Oh, he was right here all the time!

Where'd that little scamp get to now? I can't see him!

Oh there's my sweetie!

So glad he wasn't lost forever!


Buffy said...

"Where's Eleanor" was/is one of El's favorite games too. She is my only game playing child. Isaac is so cute in just his diaper. I love baby bodies. They just seem to me to be everything that is right with the world.

Patti Johansen said...

Where's Isaac? Oh I wish he were with his Yia Yia!

Anthony and Heidi West said...

Issac is sooooooooo handsome!