Monday, June 6, 2011

Seven Peaks

So, on Friday, we headed out to Seven Peaks Water park to take advantage of our season passes. We have a pass that gets us into Trafalga, Orem Owls and Utah Flash games, and of course Seven Peaks. We were excited to take Isaac, as he is quite the water baby.

I was very pleased to see how many things they have there for the really tiny ones to do. They have a splash pool with zero-depth entry, and then a larger play area that has about five slides that kids are good to go down in by themselves, or their parents can take them down. There are floating alligators and snakes to play in there, too. Then there's Tyke's Peak with slightly larger kid slides, that we could take Isaac down as well. And we were able to take him to the wave pool, too. All in all, it is definitely worth the money to us, and I think we'll be spending lots of time there this summer.

Here's James and Isaac starting off!

And Isaac and Daddy on the slide:

It did not faze Isaac one bit to get completely dunked under the water.

He did get pretty cold though (it was only about 70 degrees out, and windy), so we got out frequently to wrap him in a towel and warm up.

(Side note - Isaac loves towels. After the bath he loves to just be wrapped up in his towel - almost swaddled like a baby - and just lie there all happy and snug, or sometimes he likes you to hold him and rock him in his towel. Sometimes he will find a towel in the middle of the day and hold it out to me and say "Please!" and something that sounds like "arms" though I'm not sure - but I get the gist that he wants me to wrap it around him. He saunters all around the house until it falls off and then he brings it back to me and says Please and Arms again and we start all over.)

Here's Isaac and me on the Tyke's Peak slide:

And after, in the towel again:

The last thing we did was the wave pool, which I didn't think Isaac would be into, but he totally was. Every time a wave would crash into us, he'd grin and say "Whoa!"

That was our first Seven Peaks Adventure! We celebrated with Little Caesar's pizza and crazy bread for dinner. Perfect Friday!


The Miller Five said...

Your pictures make me miss Utah! Especially the one with the mountain behind James. Looks like you had a fun day. We are excited to take Hayden to a waterpark this year. He's a total water baby too!

Shirley said...

How fun! I Am so amazed at how well he did! I can just see Ryan saying I scared! the whole time. I think we are going to go as a family on the 18th. It would be so fun to have you guys go with us too!

Anthony and Heidi West said...

Seven peaks looks like so much fun! Sounds like Isaac had a blast!