Monday, June 6, 2011

National Donut Day

I am not sure why, but Friday was National Donut Day. We'll take any excuse to go have a donut (ok, that's not entirely true. James will, but I'm not such a huge donut fan. I like them when I eat them, but I never actually crave them or think, "That would really hit the spot right now." I think that much more often about pie). - so anyway, we decided to go ahead and head out to Krispy Kreme and give Isaac his first donut.

Well, the lines were really just too long and there was no parking, and we wanted to go to the waterpark, so... we decided to delay National Donut Day - and we celebrated a day late. People are always doing that, anyway. So, we went back on Saturday to a much less crowded Krispy Kreme.

Isaac was fascinated by the donut process - they let you watch how the donuts are made through a window - and kept pointing and saying, "Cookie!"

So, what did Isaac think of the donuts? He took a couple bites, but he was much more interested in wandering around and investigating the store.

He even played "Daddy Chase Me!" outside...

But at least he accomplished the most important donut feat - getting it all over your face:


Allison said...

Did he lick his lips? =)

George and Ruth said...

Number 8 is amazing! A couple of lovely summer days.

Austin said...

Adorable pictures, as always.

And just so you know, I celebrated National Donut Day without even knowing I was celebrating, so I had another just to be safe.

The third was just because I'm fat.