Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad Parenting

So, every once in a while I make a silly decision. You know, not often, but occasionally. Like, last month when I bought a giant bag of chocolate chips at Winco and decided that a good place to store them would be in a jar on our bar. Yes. In plain sight. In plain sight of the child.

Well, you can imagine how this played out, and here is the photographic evidence that our child is very good at getting us to let him do pretty much whatever he wants:

Come on, look how cute he is in that vest! (Thanks, Christian and Jennifer for sending it our way!) You'd give in, too.

Oh, the same day - Isaac had refused to take a nap, and so was super cranky and tired that evening when Allison and Michael came over for dinner. We gave in (hey, I'm sensing a trend here) and let him watch Diego while we had dinner. I got up to get something, and found this:

Silly baby.

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Shirley said...

HAHA too cute! I give in all the time. So much easier than getting mad. I'm sure everyone does it too so I don't feel guilty. I absolutely LOVE his hair in the chocolate chips picture. He is darling!