Monday, November 21, 2011

Baking with Isaac

It's so fun having a two-year-old. I am really enjoying the range of activities that Isaac can now take part in. The other day we had a ton of fun baking cookies. Isaac really loved the measuring and pouring aspects of the activity, so eventually I just handed him a bowl and a tablespoon and let him have free range with the flour and a few other dry ingredients. A waste of food? Perhaps. But it kept him entertained for a loooong time and I'm counting it as a learning experience. Plus, he's so cute when he gets all intense and concentrated on something.

Plus he was even willing to help clean up!


Lex and Wade said...

Charity! Your little guy is so cute!! Love the blonde curls!! It looks like you have lots of fun. In my opinion, That's what makes a good parent. I'm the no fun, clean your room parent...which in turn makes me the bad parent, so my daughter and husband say. Ha ha. So I think you are right on track! Hope all is well! Miss you!

Anthony and Heidi West said...

SO cute! It is fun seeing a kid be willing to clean up a mess! Isaac needs to teach Tristen a thing or two!

Tracie said...

Isaac is such a cutie. What a great little helper!

I am not brave enough to have Morgan help me with cooking. He already makes enough of a mess as it is. Plus, he doesn't understand enough about what is and is not allowed and doesn't enough a long enough attention span to stick with a task like this.