Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waiting for Violet

 My amazing friend Kristal, in addition to being a wonderful mom, neighbor, and friend, is also a photographer. She did a maternity shoot for us, and I thought it would be fun to share the photos and make a little record of some of the fun things that happened as we anticipated the arrival of our little Violet.

We have been trying to prepare Isaac these past few months by pointing out Mommy's growing tummy and telling him about his little sister that was growing inside. We would often ask him, "Where's baby sister?" and he would pat my tummy. Well, one day we asked him "Where's baby sister?" and he looked around, then patted James's tummy. At least he gets that she's inside of someone, right?!

All the talk of "Baby Sister" eventually did stick with Isaac. Lately, he has taken to playing family with his cars, and he names them - Daddy Car, Mommy Car, Baby Car (or Isaac Car, depending on the day), and Baby Sisser Car. It really is adorable to hear him talking to himself and he zooms the cars around the living room, "Daddy wait - wait! Baby sisser! 'Mon, baby sisser!"

Isaac really loved when he caught a glimpse of my crazy poked out belly button - he'd come running over and try to "tickle" me and just say "Belly, belly, belly." Silly kid.

For prenatal care during this pregnancy I have been seeing a midwife in a little practice in Pleasant Grove. It has been so cool - I've loved how personal and individual the care was, and how chill the environment is. Instead of going to a clinic and waiting (for-e-ver) in a waiting room trying to keep Isaac out of trouble, I get to go to a remodeled old mansion, have my measurements and heartbeat checked on a queen size bed, and let Isaac hop around playing with toys and birthing balls, and occasionally coming to see what the heck Mommy is doing.
Well, one day when I was having a checkup, Isaac actually hopped up onto the bed next to me and cuddled into the crook of my arm as the midwife measured my belly. He marveled at the tape "Cool!" and smiled and snuggled. Then she pulled out the doppler (heartbeat monitor), and he sat up to get a closer looked. He was awed as she put the jelly on and held the monitor to my tummy. We heard a nice strong heartbeat (yay!) and Isaac kind of cocked his head to the side, then started bouncing and bopping his head along to the beat. "Loud noisy!" He proclaimed. The midwife asked him if it sounded like horses and he kind of looked at her like, "huh?" I don't think he has a clue what a horse sounds like. Anyway, later, as I was putting him into the car, I asked him if he heard Baby Sister today and he nodded emphatically and said, "Loud noisy! Horses!" Then I asked him if he thought I had a baby horse inside me or a baby baby. "Baby baby," he said. :)

All in all, this time of waiting for our little girl to arrive has been joyful and fun, if a tad uncomfortable for Mommy. I started referring to myself as "The Pregnant Lady" - especially when I wanted something or  was hoping to gain some sympathy from someone. But I really have a lot to be grateful for, as this pregnancy went very smoothly - very little morning sickness (I "lost cookies" so few occasions I actually recorded them in my calendar) and mostly feeling good throughout. But near the end, everything ached, and I'll tell you I was more than happy to go from being the "Pregnant Lady" to being "Mom of Two." :)


Shirley said...

I love these pictures. They are so precious! You have such a beautiful family. :)

Karen said...

awww, 'mom of two'

so sweet.

Christian and Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing these memories! Your kids will really cherish them someday.

Tracie said...

LOVE these pictures and the cute story. Isaac is such a sweetie. He's going to have so much fun with baby "sisser."