Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at Kathleen and Franklin's

Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Franklin West put together a HUGE Easter egg hunt for all the kids 12 and under in the family.

It was incredible - I can't believe how many eggs there were! They split the kids into three age groups, and Isaac really made out like a bandit cuz it was only him and Eloise (who is barely 1) in his age group.

Each egg was filled with delicious candy, which of course we helped Isaac enjoy :) It was fun to visit with family and see all the kids having such a great time. And it was awesome to have Auntie AJ there, too.

 Isaac had fun playing with Eloise, who is his dear friend. He calls her "Eh-weez" and loves when she plays with him. He's always telling her she's cute.

James had a good time talking nerdy talk with his cousin Brigham.

Then he got coerced into being the kite guy - he did a good job getting it up in the air :)

Isaac loved playing with all his second cousins :)

What a fun day!


Shirley said...

Fun! I LOVE your coat! And your hair is long! You must always wear it up because I don't even think of you with hair that long. :) Oh being a mom, eh? :) Your kids are adorable. I think Isaac is one of the sweetest boys I know. We're lucky to have you guys as friends!

Christian and Jennifer said...

Thanks for the fun posts! So good to see fun pics of you guys and Auntie "JJ."