Saturday, April 21, 2012

God Made Dirt, and Dirt Don't Hurt

We had our friends Jared and Shirley over a few weeks ago to play Mario Party 9 and eat pizza. Oh yeah, and cuz we like them. When they came over, we sent the boys out to play in the backyard. Of course, they gravitated to the big patch of dirt in our yard that will someday be the garden. After a while, I went back to check on them. Isaac was turned away from me, so I called out his name to get his attention, and when he turned around, this is the view I got.

 They were picking up handfuls of dirt and throwing them in each other's faces. Gotta love little boys. So I was laughing so hard I could barey contain myself. I called for Shirley to come out and see, and then of course we had to take a billion pictures.

After all that fun, we threw the boys in the bath.  The following pictures contain naked baby bums - fair warning.

Oh, how I love my crazy boy!

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Shirley said...

Oh I love this!!! I am sitting here giggling at my computer. Dirty boy faces and clean boy bums. Does it get any better that that?