Monday, June 25, 2012

A Nickname for Isaac

So, I've been thinking that Isaac really needs a nickname. Isey-Pisey-Pumpkin-Piesy is cute and all, but it doesn't actually meet the description of a nickname (For those who are wondering "ick" is a Middle English word for "short". It used to be an ickname, but that has changed over the years to become a nickname. Your random trivia lesson is now complete.)

After looking at these pictures, I'm thinking Taz might be a good one--as in the Tazmanian Devil. As in, this kid is WILD.

Flipping over Daddy's legs.

Running around the ottoman to do it again.

And again.

Oooh, Mommy's legs work too.

"Backward, backwards." One of Isaac's most cherished phrases.


Crunch. I think this was when we put the camera away to comfort him after one too many bonks to the head.
Note to self: These pictures were taken 4/19/2012

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Dad said...

Just when I thought the PLANKING craze was done! Looks like he is having fun.