Monday, June 25, 2012

Spring Break with the West Family

This year for spring break, we were oh-so-kindly invited to spend the week with the Martha, Kathryn, and Charles West families up at a condo in Wolf Creek. It was a BLAST! We spent all day playing outside, sharing delicious food, watching fun movies, and just in general having fun. For the first couple of days, it was just Isaac and Violet and me, then James joined us for the last day and a half.

A few highlights: Isaac LOVED riding his trike up and down the hills. He's a bit of a crazy daredevil though, and he had a couple wipeouts going down hills. But my little boy is so brave, and no matter how scraped up he got, he couldn't wait to hop back on his trike and do it again.

James played racket ball with Charles and his boys Franklin and Linford. The two kids were somewhat in awe of James and his athletic ability. When they came back they just went on and on about how awesome he was. What do you know? He's still got it! :)

I read "In Defense of Food" while up there. It was really good, and has maybe changed the way I look at eating. Maybe. :P

We didn't get a lot of pictures (bummer), but we did get a few.

Isaac reading books with Charles and Eloise.

Isaac fell asleep watching Cars with Linford.

Linford, Franklin, and Caroline were such good friends to Isaac during the trip. They're great kids.

Martha Frances with Violet Frances :)

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