Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Wilde!

I've got a bunch of fun pictures to post of the fourth of July festivities, but I can't find the little hookup thing for the camera, so I'll do things a bit backwards and post the pictures I took tonight on my cell phone camera.

We had a surprise birthday party for James's Grandpa Wilde tonight. James and I made this cake, as Grandpa is a big baseball fan:

Here's Grandpa blowing out the candles:

Here's James's little cousin Mia - she just loved those flowers, kept picking them up and dragging them all over the yard. Cute, cute girl.

And lastly, here are Grandma Wilde's night bloomers: we waited very patiently to watch them bloom before our eyes. It was an amazing sight, and then when they were open they smelled so beautiful. Just gorgeous:


Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Oh what fun! Sadly enough I didn't know Grandpa was a baseball fan. Your cake is totally awesome. Mia looks so old--I can't believe how much she has grown up since your wedding. Thanks for posting pictures.

Tracie said...

Cool cupcakes! Looks like they turned out well.

Jessica Wilde said...

That cake looks so cute! I especially love the mountain of cupcakes with all the candles--impressive! Sorry we couldn't be there, we had a bday thing for Elliot at his friends' house.

Jessica Wilde said...

where did you take the pic of you and James by the rocks at the top of your blog? I love it.

Christian & Jennifer said...

Are you kidding me? I still can't believe how talented you guys are with sugar-based products!