Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Recent Activities

Here are some pictures from some of the fun things we've done lately.

First is the baseball game we went to with James's awesome cousins and their equally awesome spouses. (Elliot, Jessica, Valerie and Jacob). We went to see the Orem Owlz play last Wednesday, cuz we could get $1 tickets, $1 hotdog, $1 popcorn, and $1 drink. Pretty good deal, and a fun time. The Owlz won 2-1 and we had a lot of fun (thanks especially to the old man hooting enthusiastically from the back row).

Next, last Friday my friend Shelly and I threw a baby shower for my dear friend Klarissa who will be having a darling baby boy near the end of next month. We had a lot of fun discussing all things baby and playing the cheesiest baby shower games we could come up with (melting chocolate bars in diapers and having everyone guess what was what, cutting up pictures from magazines to make what we imagined to be Klarissa and Chris's offspring, and other such silliness). I made a fondant cake almost all by myself and we just basically had a lot of fun. Pictures:


JohansenWest said... has symmetry.

Christian & Jennifer said...

I LOVE the cake! It's gorgeous! Charity, you could have, like, 50 little side-businesses going with all of your talent! Cake-baking, Clothing re-designs, Floor-scrubbing (no one has to know your dirty little secret), and Blog Editing. (Thanks for not telling me about all the gagging you must do after reading my convoluted writing.)

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

Great job on the cake.