Friday, May 1, 2009

A Pic a Day in May: May 1st

I've wanted to do this for a while. It's not a photography project, it's more of an appreciation of life project. I'm going to take a photograph every day, of mostly everyday things, but also some big events, and share them on this blog. Hopefully it will help me appreciate the small things in life and remember the daily goings-on that I would normally forget. So here it is, "A Pic a Day in May" photo number one:

Here's my amazing husband studying while tending the grill. I was in the kitchen, feverishly chopping away at potatoes and seasoning the beans, when I decided to go check on James. Seeing him study while making sure the chicken didn't burn - it just made me realize what a great partner in crime I ended up with. Instead of telling me he had to study and leaving me to my own cooking devices, he found a way to do both. Love that guy.


Buffy said...

I like the new picture you have up at the top. I haven't checked any of my blogs in so is good to see pictures of you guys again. Eleanor is a very harsh task mistress, especially when it comes to me and computer time.

Emily said...

It's true, you got a good one. And James did very well for himself too.