Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Isaac

Isaac turned one back in August, but it was just too busy that month to celebrate in style. So we waited till September and threw a big bash for the little guy. We invited friends and family for a backyard BBQ and had food, music, and conversation. Isaac had a blast, thanks to all the fun kids that came and played in the dirt with him. Here are some pictures:

 Isaac's robot cake. It says "Isaac 1" if you could see it 360.

 Isaac is excited for his party. He's actually dancing here.

 Ain't he a cutie?

 I love my handsome boy.

 Isaac says, "Dad, I can't believe you have this on your playlist! I'm going to change it to something more appropriate."

 Here's the cake surrounded by cake pops I made. Tutorials for these have been all over and I really wanted to try them. So now I can say I did, and I am never doing them again. The how-tos all made them seem soo easy and fun. They were not. But they were really cute, huh?

Here's our awesome robot we made out of rice krispie treats, fondant, and candies. He's cute, huh?

 Here's cute Johnny.

 Jonas. He ate the robot.

 The big boys like to pick Isaac up and carry him around. Here, he has been dropped. James snapped pictures while I laughed at my child.

 Yeah, we're winning the parents of the year award. Hands down.

 Allison and Michael enjoying the festivities.

 The cute Bonnett family.

 Some of Isaac's favorite playmates, our former neighbors the Dusbabek boys.

 Isaac and his cake.

 Isaac's favorite portion of the party. Playing in the dirt with Evan.

Thanks to everyone who came. To those who couldn't make it - we missed you.


Wendy McMillan said...

I love the Superman shirt. It's so weird (but in a good way) to see him walking around. Those cake pops looks too pretty to eat. I bet James played his poppy running music and that's why Isaac wanted to change it. Wish we could have been there but thanks for the photos!

Meredith W said...

Looks like a fun party! Isaac is so cute! We miss you guys!

George and Ruth said...

I was so ready to see more pictures. Pictures help us feel a part of your life. We love you!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!!! Sorry we missed the party. :( The cake looks AWESOME! I definitely won't be showing my girls the pictures because then they'll be upset we didn't get to go. ;)

Taccia said...

I loved looking at your blog! I will have to keep it up. Caroline got a good look. She loved the cake! Could you e-mail the other family blogs?

Austin said...

How did I miss this blog update? Oh well. I love the captions you make for the pictures of Isaac and the faces he's making. Sad we missed the outside part of the party, but glad we could still come visit and there was cake left. :)