Monday, September 27, 2010

Where did summer go? ... and some funny stories.

Wow, where has the summer gone? I've been a terrible blogger - I can't believe I haven't updated since June. So, I'm currently uploading all the 1005 pictures off our camera and will begin attempting to sort through them and post the relevant and good stuff. Meanwhile, I'll just share some funny things that have been happening around here lately that we haven't gotten on camera.

Lately Isaac wants to do everything Mommy is doing. Today I was in the yard, letting Isaac play in the dirt while I picked up apricot pits (it's a half-hearted effort to make the ground more hospitable to grass). I was just grabbing a few at a time and dropping them into a plastic bag. Well, Isaac eventually took notice, toddled over at full speed, grabbed the bag away from me and plunked himself down about a food away. He proceeded to rip up a tuft of grass and thrust it into the bag. See Mommy, helping! :)

Isaac also really enjoys playing the piano. James plops him on the piano bench periodically, and he bangs away. Recently he has found the demo button and, very cleverly, has learned what it does. He will turn on the oh-so-jazzy Bossa Nueva, stand on the bench and headbang. It's adorable.

The other day Isaac's little friend Johnny was over here to play, and he was entertaining Isaac by basically blowing raspberries on the ottoman. Isaac was giggling uncontrollably. Every time Johnny stopped, Isaac would toddle over and push Johnny's head toward the ottoman again. Don't stop, entertain me!

There are more stories, but I can't think of them right now :( I'm going to try to be better about recording and sharing these little nuggets. Isaac keeps us in stitches around here and I don't want to forget what a funny, loving, sweet little guy we're lucky enough to have around.

Pictures coming soon!

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