Sunday, October 21, 2007

Football Game and Post Game Pajama Party

So last night's football game was a blast. It started out a bit rocky when I realized I had lost my purse somewhere and so didn't have my student ID card. I sent James and Allison ahead and tried to find my purse for about an hour and a half with no luck, so I printed out a copy of my ID card, put a hold on the bank card and went to the game. Things happen. Anyway, so the game was great--BYU had some really nice interceptions and some really good runs by our good pal Harvey Unga, and we ended up crushing the other team, which was what everyone expected. What we weren't expecting, however, was the 2nd-half snowstorm! It started as a few flakes mixed with some light rain but quickly turned into a flurry of snow flakes that made for some very cold fingers and toes. I guess one exciting thing about it was that everyone but the die-hards left and I think the stadium actually got louder. Final score: 42-7. After the game we were so frozen we abandoned any plans we had for going out after the game and instead picked up a pizza and soda on the way home. The three of us went back to the house, changed into pajamas, ate pizza, and played a fun but silly game called In A Pickle which I would highly recommend. James eventually fell asleep on the couch and Allison and I just talked for a while. All in all, it was a great Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the frozen toes part.

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