Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to Our Web Log

Hi. We decided that we ought to get a web log and join the crowd. Actually it's part of our effort to have some sort of family journaling/scrap booking/remembering-of-important-events. So, this is our family home evening activity for the evening. James wants to watch football, but being the wonderful, kind, loving, handsome husband that he is, he is humoring me and letting us do this exciting activity.
Well, we don't have much news that all of you don't already know, so I think we'll let this be our welcome entry. We are excited to join this technological, familial link and will try to keep our blog updated so you can all know the exciting happenings in the James and Charity West family. We love you all and hope you have a happy and healthy week.
P.S. football is wonderful.

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Christian and Jennifer said...

What a great idea for Family Home Evening. I really do look at our family blog as my journal now, since I've been rather fickle with the whole journal-keeping thing. You guys are awesome. We want pictures! We love you!