Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It turns out that I may be a jerk.

While talking with Charity I found out a terrible truth about myself. Well, actually, I don't think it is really that bad. Basically, my good friend Jordan and I went to the BYU Utah Basketball game. This was shortly before Charity and I started dating. Charity was sick that weekend. Jordan, being a nice man, thought it would be nice to drop by Charity's house and give her the free tee shirt that we got and an avocado. I kind of talk him out of it. I think he might have called her to wish her well but I think I discouraged him. Well, I actually called her the next day to see if she was alright. That was a pretty jerky thing to do. I can see it on a sitcom. Two guys going after the same girl. One talking about giving her flowers. They other one telling him it is a bad idea only to do so himself. So, what about it? Was I a jerk?