Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Improvement

Hello Family! So, I've been doing a couple of interesting home improvement projects in the last couple of days. The one I am most proud of is my coffee table. It's sort of my foray into decoupage--which always seemed like a silly craft, until I had a vacuum cleaner box that I wanted to turn into a table. Now it seems brilliant. Here you can see our living room with the table in the center. However, I need a little input--what should I do with the sides? I don't like them white, but I'm afraid of doing anything else to it and making it look busy, which is what I always seem to do with my crafty projects. So, anyone have any suggestions?

Apart from that, we've also been having adventures with our dryer. Adventures roughly translates to "Allison broke our dryer." Ok, ok, Allison did not break our dryer, she was just sadly the first victim of its breakage. Anyway, the dryer has decided not to heat up the air anymore, so I have been finding unique ways to get around this problem, such as the unique method shown here:

You may recognize this as James's former favorite chair. It was just sitting in the room of death (as I like to call our spare room which, no matter how many times I try to organize it, stays exactly as it was. ), so I decided it could use a little company in the form of our wet clothes.

Also, Cyndi's donated shoe rack has turned secret agent and is doubling as a drying rack, as illustrated below:

So, this is the fascinating history of our lovely apartment. I hope you have enjoyed it and visit our virtual home again. :)

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