Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Book Recommendation – Audio Style

A coworker lent me the audio book of "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War," and I have to pass along this deliciously amazing story of absolute absurdity. It's told in a series of interviews with "survivors" of an apocalyptic zombie virus plague. Each story comes from a unique perspective on the war—international political leaders, civilian survivors, army personnel, doctors with intimate knowledge of the virus, etc. It's told absolutely seriously, with no indication that the author is being facetious or satirical, and the issues that come up really make you think about international relations, the importance of survival, and the various gray areas as far as means of survival. Ultimately it makes you think about that ever-looming question: Am I ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Warning: Several of the characters are quite polite and restrained in their commentary on the zombie crisis, others are not so poised—be warned, there are recurring instances of harsh expletives.

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Christian & Jennifer said...

Hmmmm . . . sounds interesting! Do you recommend the audio book or could I read it? Sometimes books are better on audio!