Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend in Colorado: The Blog

*Note: Blogging is so fun.

Over Presidents' Day weekend, James and I took a car trip to Denver, Colorado to visit my brother and his family. It was such a treat for us, so I'd like to commemorate (however late) the enjoyment of the occasion by sharing just a couple of stories from the fun-filled weekend.

• After we arrived and got big hugs from three-year-old Beck and suspicious looks from nearly-two-year-old Ainsley, we all sat down to an amazingly delicious dinner made by my sister-in-law Jennifer. Beck had been chatting a mile a minute from the moment we got there and it didn't look like he was going to stop anytime soon. Christian tried to shush him so we could say a prayer, but he said "NO! I have to tell Aunt Charery something!" Christian: "Can it wait til after the prayer?" Beck: "NO!!! It's important!" Christian: "Ok, then go ahead." Beck: -Huge dramatic pause- "I got ... NEW . . . underpants! With Mickey Mouse!" Yet another pause, but this time because everyone is laughing so hard. Christian: "Is that all? Can we say the prayer now?" Beck: "Yep."

• Christian and Jennifer have been trying to beat me at Wise and Otherwise their entire married life. I have always reigned champion and squashed their dreams to a smeary pulp. Unfortunately, they made a terrible decision and chose to cheat horribly and managed to beat me three times over the weekend. There is no other explanation besides outright, dastardly cheatling.

• Poor James got sick pretty much the day we left Utah and is still feeling the effects of it. He spent quite a bit of the weekend hiding in bed trying to combat his fever. The kids often asked where Uncle James was and I had to reply that he wasn't feeling great. They quickly caught on and Beck could be heard the entire weekend to answer the question "Where's Uncle James" with "He's sicky."

Beck, for whatever reason, always chose who was going to say the prayer at dinner. He invariably pointed out his Aunt Charery. Well, one night we convinced him to actually say the prayer himself and he proceeded to say a very nice prayer, which began to ramble somewhere in the middle. So Christian whispered, "Don't forget the food." To which Beck responded without missing the beat, "and don't forget the food. Please bless this food, and this food, and this food. . . " and would have continued pointing to all the food on the table but Christian stopped him by prompting "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

• Jennifer's sister Leeann had a birthday the same day as mine. Her family lives in Colorado Springs and they were having a little birthday party for Leeann that night. They were so overwhelmingly wonderful and made it a party for me too, complete with some beautiful gifts and a birthday song. I'm so grateful to them for making room for me on my special day—they are such sweet people.

• James finally felt a little better on Sunday night and we all played and read books in the living room that night. Nothing truly special or funny happened, but it was a really nice night.

All in all it was a great trip, despite James being sick, and we're looking forward to getting together again.


Christian & Jennifer said...

Ah, Sweet Charery! How much fun we had, despite your dastardly accusing-ness of outright cheatling! Christian kicked your patootie fair and square! I think it is only fair to admit to yourself, once and for all, that unless you or your kin have worn Mickey Mouse underpants at one time or another, you will NEVER have far-reaching success in Wise or Otherwise. End of story. We win. And we love you. Come again and bring James alive this time!

Christian & Jennifer said...

Charity and Sicky,

you guys are welcome to come loose at wise and otherwise at any time you would like in the future and so on and soforth. BY the way: yous can loose to me at any other game you would prefer if you could. Only remember thaat I am not the cheater peter pumpkin eater that you are! Oh, and I love your blog entrys. It was relly neat to hear somewon else righting about my children...you are funny in the way you right. thanks for the update. I hope you injoyed your weekind wit us flok.

PS Lets have a competition between the four of us to find the most errors in this post. Ready set CHEAT! I mean GO!