Saturday, March 15, 2008

Houston, we have a problem

So, for the longest time, James has been yelling like a maniac at the radio stations (ok, we all know James and he doesn't yell like a maniac, but he was certainly grumbling with abandon) demanding that they play Major Tom. I already knew my husband's taste in music was somewhat bizarre, but this was weird I thought even for him. You see, when he said he wanted to listen to Major Tom, this is what I was thinking: (Please listen to at least the first couple of lines to this song so you can understand the full extent of my confusion).

Turned out (as we found this weekend) what he really wanted to listen to was this:

Which to me, fit James's tastes a little better. It was pretty funny though as I had planned as a birthday surprise to buy him the first song, the one I thought of as "Major Tom" (the impostor). We had a laugh picturing just what he might have said when I gave it to him... "Uh ... thanks honey, I ... love it" >chuck< "Hey honey, how come you never listen to Major Tom? I thought you loved that song?" "I, uh, I do, of course I do, I was just listening to it... really quietly..."

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Christian & Jennifer said...

Char, I would have thought the same thing as you. Do they even say "Major Tom" in the second one?! So . . . is James an 80's fan? And is that Tom Cruise in the pink convertible?