Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Fun with Beck and Ainsley

Jennifer and the kids were in town this week, as Jennifer had to be here for a Dentrix conference. We had the express pleasure on Tuesday evening of babysitting the munchkins and corrupting them in our own special West way. Beck has apparently been looking forward to playing games with Uncle James ever since we handed him the controller for the wii and let him watch the demo for Metroid. So, we pretty much repeated the experience, except this time with Mario Galaxy and Rogue Squadron. Both kids plopped on the couch, eyes immediately glassed over (sorry Jen!) as they watched the shapes and lights on the screen. It's amazing how enthralled they can get when they have no idea what's going on. So after a while, I thought it was time to end the games and have some real fun. :) We set out the eggs and started dyeing! I was actually really surprised: the kids did a great job, didn't make a mess, and seemed to enjoy the entire process. We had a lot of fun watching and supervising the activity. Here's a scrapbook I made of the event:

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Afterwards we put in Atlantis and Beck fell immediately to sleep. Ainsley, however, was interested neither in sleep nor in the movie, so we got to play and giggle all night long while James worked on programming. At one point Ainsley pretended to sleep, with big dramatic Honk Shoo's to boot! But, alas for Jennifer, we handed back one very cranky Beck and one very alert Ainsley. We had a blast though, and hope we get to play with them soon.


Tracie said...

Awww cute. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. Looks like you had a lot of fun. :)

Christian & Jennifer said...

The very cranky Beck never really woke up, so he went straight to bed and I was delighted! As for Ainsley, I think she would have pulled an all-nighter, if possible. I slept with both kids on an air mattress and woke up once with Beck's bum in my face and Ainsley's head hanging over the side. But, we somehow survived. Thank you, from the depth of my soul, for taking such good care of our kids. They had a great time adn talked about dyeing the eggs and playing games over and over again. Thanks for being such a great aunt and uncle. I love you and am grateful for you.