Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Project

So, when I was a teenager, a great frustration of my life (especially around prom time) was trying to find modest clothing that wasn't, well, butt-ugly. Ok, I suppose I should soften that up a bit: most of it wasn't ugly, it was just boring. I always had to settle with something less than what I wanted because I didn't know how to find modest clothing in the styles I liked.

Recently, I've gotten interested in a phenomenon called wardrobe refashion, which is the idea that you can take clothes you already have, or used clothing from thrift stores or freecyce groups and refashion them into something you like and that suits your needs and desires. All this is in an effort to keep perfectly good clothing from ending up in a landfill and sort of curb our consumer craziness.

The more I thought about this idea, the more I realized you can definitely combine these two ideas--the desire to dress modestly and the ability to refashion clothes.

So, of course, I started a blog - It basically exists to help people either find resources to buy modest clothes--or to learn new ways to make their own. I like the latter of course, being cheap and having slight crafty tendencies.

So check it out, pass the word along, and hopefully we can spread the culture of modesty through sheer ease of access. :)


Elizabeth West Bunton said...

What a good idea! Thanks for starting the blog so we can all benefit from your efforts. I like the pomegranet background picture too? Reference to Eden? Regardless, it makes me super hungry for a pomegranet--I didn't get enough this winter.

Dallin and Megan Dyer said...

Hi Charity! How's Utah? I know the feeling of looking like a brides maid at prom, it sucks! That's an awesome idea for a blog. I will have to pass it on to my sisters that are still in high school.

Christian & Jennifer said...

This is so great! I'll have to post a post about this on my blog so that all of my millions of female relatives can see it and benefit from your genius! I'm so far behind on blogging . . . sorry. This is completely and totally awesome.