Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, I have a cold. :( The good part about this is that I've been asked, or maybe invited?, to work from home soon, so today I was able to work from home as sort of a trial run of the future. The bad part is I can't get the bottle of my generic not-quite-DayQuil open. Pathetic, I know. Guess I will just have to wait for James to get home.

*Update* I tried again, and it turns out I was reading the instructions wrong. There was an arrow on the top, so I thought I was supposed to turn it in the direction of the arrow (while squeezing). Turns out the arrow was pointing in the direction I was supposed to turn it in order to "close tightly." Whoops. Interesting note - the day version of my generic wal-mart cold medicine tastes much better than the night version. I wonder why that is?


Tracie said...

Maybe because the night version contains all the sleepy drugs? Glad you were able to figure out how to open a bottle. ;) Get well soon!

Christian & Jennifer said...

Ah, Char . . . I didn't WANT to say you were pathetic, so thanks for vindicating yourself and posting the update. I wish we were there and I could make you some chicken soup and have Beck entertain you with some smokin' dance moves and Ainsley could comb your hair. How fun you get to work at home! Tell us more!

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

That's awesome they are letting you try to work from home. I LOVE the new blog look and the picture especially. That was my absolute favorite engagement picture. I am glad you are putting it to good use.