Monday, June 30, 2008

Robot Invasion

Aieeeeeeeee! They're here- the robots are here!

That's a squeal of excitement, by the way, not fear. This weekend was filled with various delights in robotic form arriving in the mail.

James received his Boe Bot, which he gets to build and program. So far it rolls very nicely across the floor and runs away from us. Almost like a pet. But not quite.

and I received my Scooba, the infamous floor-scrubbing robot that certain *unnamed people* ahem (Mom) ahem tried to shame me out of buying ("You only have two tiny floors to scrub!" she mocked. Well, Mom, now I have no floors to scrub. Ha.). It works like a dream - if you often dream of round robots gliding across your floor sucking up food bits and leaving behind gleaming linoleum. I know I do. It's a little noisy, but apart from that, it is amazingly cool and fascinating to watch. And since floor scrubbing is the only household chore I absolutely despise (worse than dishes, toilets, laundry, and vacuuming combined) and have never been good at (the floor always seems to still be dirty somehow), I'd say this little robot is sure to quickly become my favorite little electronic friend.


Tracie said...

Yay, robot fun! I'd love to have no floors to scrub. But actually I'd love a robot that'd do ALL my cleaning for me. :)

Christian & Jennifer said...

Wow, who needs a TV if you have one of those things to watch? And can James program his robot to do dishes or something?! I have to tell you that when we moved to Florida from that same apartment, I fell so deeply in love with the dishwasher in our new apartment that I think Christian was getting worried. Chores stink. Robots are cool. I like fudge popsicles. The end.

Dallin and Megan Dyer said...

I want one! That's awesome! Let's get Dallin and James to invent a robot that does all of our house work for us!