Monday, October 20, 2008

Colorado Trip

Well, for those of you who were confused about Thursday's post, the (uncontrollable) sobbing had to do with BYU's extremely poor showing in the game against TCU. There was not a moment of enjoyment in the entire game - not for me, not for the players. It was a beat down. Not fun. But I still love my Cougars, and I still think they're an awesome team and can pull out of this slump. So here's to next week, next game.

Luckily, the horrible TCU game did not ruin my weekend, because I had a trip to Colorado to look forward to! My brother's youngest son was being blessed this past Sunday, so James and I took a drive out to spend some time with them with that as an excuse. :)

We had an absolute blast - the kids entertained us with lots of goofy songs, many silly stories, and various hilarious games. Saturday after a delicious breakfast of pancakes, we headed out to a pumpkin patch where we saw lots of farm-type animals, ran through two corn mazes, and picked out two perfect pumpkins which we were to use later in the Great Johansen Pumpkin Carving Contest.

When we got home, we were treated to a delicious dinner of chili, after which the kids watched Land Before Time and we got everything ready for the GJPCC. Carving was a lot of fun, though the kids only dug out some of the guts and then advised Christian on what their pumpkin ought to look like - Ainsley. Much confusion ensued when the kids kept asking why Daddy was cutting them up (since the pumpkin was like them). Finally we were able to convince them that the pumpkin was not in fact Ainsley, it was Jack Pumpkinhead (thank you Return to Oz) and the carving was able to continue with no further distractions. Beck was the judge of whose pumpkin was the best, and very diplomatically declared that they were both good.

The blessing on Sunday was a wonderful experience and I was reminded how grateful I am to have the priesthood in our family. I'm grateful for such honorable priesthood holders as my Dad, my brother, and my husband, who are able to provide these beautiful blessings for our family. I was also reminded how much I want one of my own little critters. Well, all things in time.

Here are some of the best pictures from the weekend... all the rest I am posting on Facebook, so you can go peruse them there! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice pumpkins. You didn't tell me you were gonna kill them!

Tracie said...

Cute! did a lot in one weekend. :) Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Oh yay! Pumpkin carving! I've got to get on that.

Buffy said...

I love the picture of Ainsley on your shoulders. That is my favorite. I also love what looks like Ainsley's apron? Do you have a picture of her in it, just standing there? I would like to copy it if I can. Beck is right, both pumpkins really are good.

Heidi & Oliver said...

How fun - do you know if Crystal has an email?