Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Conference weekend was, as usual, pretty awesome this year.

Friday night I got to go to my mission reunion (James stayed home and watched the BYU vs USU game and texted me updates... at least, that was the plan...) and see my newly-returned president - President Owen - and his wife. Such awesome people. It was a lot of fun, but sadly I forgot my camera, so no pics. :(

The next day we watched conference (of course) and then that night we got to meet my bro-in-law Anthony's fiancee, Heidi. What an awesome girl. I got to hang out with her for the two hours of priesthood session, and I have decided that I officially approve. Not that that really matters, but for what it's worth ;) Again, no pictures :(

Sunday we all (Anthony, Heidi, Allison, James and Me) went out to James's Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Franklin's house to enjoy conference in their new, beautiful home. There were comfy couches, yummy food, and oh yeah, some of my favorite people in the whole world. Lots of James's cousins and aunts and uncles came and we had a blast talking and comparing notes on tv shows and playing rock band in between sessions (I know, so Sunday-appropriate). We also have begun plans for West Fest '08, the first annual West Halloween party, which I must say I am really looking forward to.

Oh yeah, and the talks this year were wonderful. I loved Elder Bednar's talk about prayer - his talks are always so useful and instructive. I can't wait to get my conference Ensign so I can go over all these great talks again. Even though I can't remember most of what was said, I just love the feeling I get during conference - like those people really love us. They dedicate their lives to serving the people of the church. It's amazing, and a real reflection of Christ's love for us. Ah, I love conference.

And hey! This time I have pictures! They're actually pictures that Uncle Franklin took, but hey, I'm claiming them anyway. Here's all the family in front of the house, before everyone started trickling away. We were the last to leave - what can I say? I really love hanging out with James's family.

In case you missed a talk, never heard conference, or never heard of conference, you can download the talks here and see what it's all about :)


Austin said...

looks like a lot of fun. and rockstar is sunday appropriate, it brings families closer together! (as long as you don't do it IN church, i'm sure it's ok!) :)

Christian & Jennifer said...

I'm with Austin on the rocking out. A family that rocks together . . . folds socks together. And THAT equals eternal bliss. (Sorry, couldn't think of anything else.)

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm so glad you married into a family that is so fun, like I did. (Whew!)

Love you, Char. And thanks for being so kind to suggest my writing is funny enough for that book. This is why I love you! You make everyone feel great about themselves. And even though I worry you are cringing with your big-bad-editor-self everytime I post something you have to read, because you are a devoted sister, I am grateful for your comments and your love.


Buffy said...

oh, I love James' family too. Reading your blog is always so fun and yet so painful too. I want to go to West Fest and I want to have dinner at Emily and Ryan's and I want to meet Heidi so that I can totally approve. Man, Utah is just the place to be.