Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Addiction

So, I haven't attempted the Wii Fit again recently, but I have found other uses for the Wii that are almost equally satisfying. Well, just one use. Playing Super Mario 3.
Seriously, I do not think a better game has been invented (though my husband would disagree with me and probably provide a very philosophical discussion about the merits of various video games). I have been working my way through the levels over the past two days (with James's help from time to time, though I'm getting to the point where I can beat almost everything on my own), and it has a very addictive quality to it. I think what it is mostly is that as a kid I was never able to get past the second world... you know, the one with all the sand and the evil fire snakes that will not die--or move in a predictable pattern. Now I'm in the sixth world and it's very satisfying. Forget the fact that there is no real-life applicable skill involved and no actual reward. It's just fun.

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Christian and Jennifer said...

Hey. Quit making excuses for doing something fun. We all need a little bit of just nothing-but-fun fun.