Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend we had the very enjoyable experience of babysitting for a full 24 hour period, from Friday evening to Saturday evening, for James's cousins. Their kids, Jonas and Max, are so much fun, so we were really looking forward to the weekend. We exchanged our babysitting services for Max's old crib, so we are really feeling like we got the better end of the stick here, but sh, don't tell Emily.

We had a real blast with the kids, but unfortunately I forgot my camera, so we have no pictures of all the things we did, but here's a quick rundown of the highlights of the weekend:

Friday night - we had pizza for dinner (yum) and just played with the kids til bedtime. Max wanted to play with puzzles (probably cuz we did that last time we babysat) but I couldn't find them so I promised him we'd find them the next day. Kids went to bed without a fuss, whew!

Saturday morning - 7:15, James comes in with the boys and Max jumps on the bed, saying "Charity! Can we play puzzles?" He hadn't forgotten. He's good at remembering, that kid. We settled on playing puzzles after breakfast.

Breakfast - since the kids had gone to bed so well the night before, we had promised them a fancy breakfast. We made eggs and bacon and some orange juice. James did the bacon, I did the eggs - it was fun to cook together.

Puzzles - I texted Emily and found out the location of the puzzles, and Max was ecstatic. He was doing little hop skips and rubbing his hands together. If you have never seen an excited 2 year old, you have not lived.

Playing outside - we spent a good chunk of the late morning/early afternoon playing with the boys and their cousins/neighbors outside. James watched the kids for a bit so I could shower and clean up a little, but Max soon came and demanded that I come play with him, so... no makeup that day :P

After the cousins had to go, the boys came inside and we made cookies together. That was the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time. They wanted to help with everything and they were so good at sharing and giving each other turns stirring and mixing in the ingredients. The best part was when I let them crack the eggs (I'll admit, I really just wanted to see what would happen). The eggs sort of exploded in their little hands and we had to pull out the shells, but it was just so fun. Don't worry, they washed their hands afterward. Jonas then had fun sculpting cookies into all sorts of weird shapes, only to watch them melt down into pretty normal looking chocolate chip cookies as they baked in the oven. Science!

While the cookies baked, we made sandwiches and Jonas had the brilliant idea to take them to the park for a picnic. So we packed up everything for the lunches, got in the car and went off to find Discovery Park. I thought James knew where it was and he thought I knew where it was and it turned out neither of us knew anything, so we just drove around Pleasant Grove for about half an hour before finally calling a friend (thank you Jordan!) and having him look up directions for us. We found the park, had a lovely picnic (I swear it was like 60 degrees outside on Saturday, beautiful!) and then played on all the fun equipment. Max did not want to get out of the swing, I actually took a few pictures of that on my cell phone cuz he was so adorable. I'll try to figure out how to upload them later. Then we went for a walk around the park and watched the snow melt, which I must say is much more exciting than it sounds.

After the park, we came home, popped popcorn and watched a movie, finishing just before Ryan and Emily got back. All in all a pretty successful day. Jonas at one point said, "This day could not get any funner." That's what I like to hear ;)


Buffy said...

Wow! Talk about trial by fire. If you can handle a weekend with two children you are definitely ready for your own.

Christian and Jennifer said...

Great JORB!