Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too Legit?

Apparently MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are performing in concert just around the corner at the UVU events center - this weekend! How wiggidy whack is it that we didn't know about this in time to plan our perfect 90s extravaganza complete with parachute pants? If only it had been in March, you know I would have been there, doing the running man like we did on the stage in the cafeteria on rainy days back in elementary school. Singing Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh until Hammer told me to Stop - Hammertime. Fumbling through the lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby" that I never quite learned, but loving it all the same. You know I would have been there with my sparkly pants, pregnant belly and all - but this weekend is just too soon. No time to save for the, admittedly low (considering what it might have cost to see them in their heyday) but still too high, entrance fee of 32.50 plus fees. Apparently, I am just not too legit to quit. It's not Hammertime for me, and that makes me a little sad. My remedy? Download the six MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice songs that I know (yes, that includes the Ninja Rap) and have my own pretend concert here in the living room. Anyone up for an "I wish we could have gone to the Hammer concert, but since we can't we'll hang out in the West's living room" party?



Patti Johansen said...

You could borrow Dad's zebra pants!!! How about we buy tickets as a birthday present? I'll put the money in the account - just say the word! Word up! Mom

Christian and Jennifer said...

You have got to be kidding me! Are you really, truly serious?!? How can you afford to miss it, Char?! I'm jealous. Reeeeeeally jealous.

Tracie said...

Lol. Austin and I might be interested. We would love to see the concert for the lulz but yeah not enough to spend the money.