Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Cousins!

Heidi and the kids were in town in June for a funeral in Heidi's family. Of course they were very busy, so we were so glad they had a little time to come and visit us. How we wish they lived closer! We love these guys, and it is so much fun to see Isaac and Tristen playing together. They are great little pals. It was also great to see Natalya, as the last time we saw her was about a year ago (July), and she has grown up a lot since then.

Popsicle time!

Such handsome guys.

We hope these two will grow up to be great friends as well.

The beautiful Nala.

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And of course, no backyard play time would be complete without a trip to the ol' dirt patch.

Yeah, some day we really have to actually plant a garden or something.

After their bath. Three wet kids in t-shirts. Too cute.

Sisters... sisters... there were never such devoted sisters.

Love these gals.

Sharing some macaroni and cheese to round out the evening.

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Anthony and Heidi West said...

Our kids look so dang cute playing together!